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Development of our products

Harvest time.

We collect apples during the months of October and November. One part is collected by hand and the other thanks to a recent machine which no longer brutalizes apples as in the past. This allows us to obtain a pommage of clean and healthy fruits.


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14400 Bayeux

Normandy - France

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We squeeze our apples during the month of November and put the juice obtained in fiberglass vats. Fermentation begins naturally and lasts about 3 months. We then bottle the cider intended to become cider bouché. Fermentation, continuing in the bottle, will then make the drink naturally effervescent.

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Calvados Lecornu.jpg


The cider intended for Calvados continues its fermentation until all its sugar is used up. It takes about 7-8 months. The cider is then good to be distilled. Distillation consists of separating the water from the alcohol by heating, using a still. This leaves in vapors which, once cooled, constitute Calvados. Like many farms in our region, we use the traveling still which runs once or twice a year from farm to farm. When it comes out of the still, it titrates between 68 ° and 70 °, we then bring it back to our cellar to age in oak barrels.


It is the product of the mixture of organic apple juice and organic brandy. This gives a fairly soft product to which the brandy brings strength. This mixture then ages for about a year.

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